Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society


We've decided to play things safe for everyone and cancel the Saturday meeting. We will have Daniel Brinkman come and speak to us at a different meeting when the COVID-19 has settled down. I'm really conflicted as I wanted to see this talk, but people's health and safety take priority.

PLEASE NOTE: Our meeting place is also closed past the April date, so we won't meet then either. We're just playing by ear now folks!

Welcome to the Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society

The Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society is dedicated to increasing knowledge and interest in the aquarium hobby through the activities of our members. Long term involvement is promoted. This is encouraged through programs such as our Breeding Award Program, Aquatic Horticultural Award Program and Monthly Bowl Show. 
Upcoming speakers

Meetings generally occur the second Saturd
ay of each month, except for January and July.

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